Godsprophecies Channel


Table of Contents


= Image/s of the      Pillars

= Other Picture/s


Part I, the Miracle


 1.  Preface

 2.  Beware For the End is Here

 3.  The Day of the Miracles Has Arrived

 4.  My Son is Coming in the Cloud

 5.  I am Going to Gather My Sheep

 6.  The Train of Gold is Ready

 7.  Jump onto the Ark!

 8.  The Players Have Their Roles

 9.  The Eagle

10. The Fox

11. The Elephant

12. The Duck

13. The Elephant & the Creature

14. The Creature

15. Satan

16. The Fallen Cherub

17. Satan and the Creature

18. Jesus and Satan

19.  When the Leaves of the Fig Tree Change will be a Sign

20.  The New Temple in Jerusalem

21. The Ark of the Covenant

22. The Rapture

23. Heaven

24. Left Behind

25. The Time of Tribulation

26. The Serpent

27. Satan and the Serpent

28. The Day of the Dog is Here

29. Like a Dog Looking for a Bone

30. The Mad Dogs Have Hunger. They Have Filth

31. Satan, The Dog  & The Serpent

32. The Power of Evil is Ready

33. The Antichrist/The Beast

34. The False Prophet/The Second Beast

35. The Image of the Beast

36. The Mark of the Beast

37. Hell

38. Pillars of Creation, Large Image

39. Pillars of Creation, Extra Large Image

40. About the Webmaster

41. Support Raymond Aguilera's Ministry 

42. Links

Part  II, More Topics


43. The Communion

44. God Created Man

45. God the Creator

46. The Power and Dimensions of God

47. The Holy Trinity

48. The Cleaning of the World

49. Closing The Book of the World

50  The Plumb Line

51. The Two Sides of the Coin

52. Prophecy 104.

53. Oh, Sleeping Church

54. The Tower of Babel

55. God in a Box

56. A Thorn in the Side of Man's Church

57. Read the Bible Yourself

58. Stand on the Rock

59. The Iceberg

60. The Seven Churches

61. The New Judas Iscariot

62. Here Comes the Rush

63. The Spiritual Reality

64. Look to Inner Space

65. What Belongs to God is of God

66. A Sower Went Forth to Sow

67. Love

68. Climate Changes

69. Mt. Shasta and the Earthquake

70. The White House

71. Biased Media

72. Buddhism